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    A new, patented innovative low-frequency sound wave therapy for treating pain.



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Chiropractic offices and wellness centers are being squeezed by the constant struggle to provide affordable treatment and positive outcomes while covering increasing fixed costs, reduced insurance payments and tighter economic conditions for cash-paying patients.

Does it cost more and take longer to attract and retain new patients? Are your monthly office meetings stalled by “what if” questions rather than finding real solutions for getting your practice back on track? Now you can jump-start your practice with the Medsonix Therapy System. A unique, simple to use pain therapy system that provides an innovative treatment alternative that will help build patient volume and deliver a new revenue stream to your bottom line.

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We are very confident in the efficacy of the system, and we feel that a chiropractic office or pain care center are the optimal locations for implementing the Medsonix Therapy System. Our company, Medsonix Distributing, intends to work with a select group of local innovative Chiropractors and Wellness Center owners who are looking to grow their practices and broaden their service. We have developed a team of experienced, current Medsonix Therapy System owners to provide support services.

Implementation Plan
  • Install system in dedicated treatment room or other primary care area. Communicate Medsonix treatment advantages during other procedures.

  • We will be happy to show you how to cover the cost of the system in a very short time, with only a few treatments per day.

How can Medsonix benfit my practice?

  • Increase the number of visits and broaden your client base with Medsonix as a service offering to attract those looking for alternative pain care.

  • Maximize utilization and fiscal return with current staff and resources.

  • Increase revenue stream and opportunities without increasing your own personal time commitment.

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Medsonix offers a unique opportunity to expand your practice with a state-of the art alternative pain therapy system that is affordable, easy to implement and simple to operate. Contact a Medsonix representative today or fill out the form below to find out how you can make the Medsonix Therapy System a key part of your patient treatment plan to reduce pain or discomfort and improve patient wellness.


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