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Therapy System

Medsonix is an integrated medical device that uses low frequency sound pressure to increase blood flow and mobility, decrease inflammation and pain, and relieve symptoms attributed to a wide range of diseases and disorders. University pilot studies indicate over 85% of Medsonix therapy recipients experienced symptomatic improvement with only one treatment.

Satisfied Patients

"The arthritis in my knees and shoulder and the pain running from my neck down my arm had gotten quite severe. With only one treatment, my range of motion in my neck had noticeably improved and the pain was almost gone. After two treatments, the swelling, stiffness and soreness in my knees that I’ve suffered with since 1972 was almost completely eliminated!" 
- James F.

Medsonix is prepared to answer your questions about what your patients will expect before, during, and after treatment. We provide testimonials and reviews of our innovative low frequency acoustic therapy system and the positive results our patients have experienced. Financing available.



+1 (702) 528-0401

U.S. and International Distributors Wanted

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA, and is provided for general information purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice. Under no circumstances does Medsonix, Medsonix Distributing or any of its affiliates recommend a particular treatment for specific individuals and in all cases recommend consultation with a physician before pursuing any course of treatment. Registration with the FDA, is not a testament of evaluation and/or endorsement by the same.